Media Literacy Conference at MIT

ACMEBoston tabled yesterday at the 2005 Media Literacy Conference "Building Critical Thinking Skills In Our Media Age," sponsored by HOME, Inc., U.S. Department of Education, Boston Public Schools and MIT Comparative Media Studies.

I met a lot of great people working in media education who were interested in ACME's approach to building knowledge, skills, and activism.

I really enjoyed Susan McDonald's presentation, from Youth Voice Collaborative, "Building Effective Leaders and Communicators." She talked about how the mainstream media portrayed the victims of Hurriance Katrina and the unending cycle of how stereotypes are created and supported in society through the images and messages people receive through the media.

HOME, Inc. did a wonderful job organizing this event. They were were very helpful to us in providing ACMEBoston with a voice in this discussion about how individuals, groups, and institutions can work to build critical media literacy skills in our "new media" age.

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