Connecting to Technology Centers

In considering some of the comments made below, I thought ACMEBoston should consider connecting with community technology centers in the Boston area. This could be a great way to put into action some of the ideas put forth below.

A quick web search educated me about a number of technology centers ACMEBoston might consider reaching out to. One idea might be to host an ACMEBoston workshop at one, or several of these centers, (once a month, once a week, etc.) ACMEBoston volunteers could share tech skills, create digital media with others, and learn from and support others' work in these areas.

A few months ago, I spoke to Eli Kao, Programming Coordinator at CCTV in Cambridge, about the possibility of doing a Pro Tools audio instruction course there. This is just one idea, in a number of exciting possibilities that could take place in collaboration with tech/community media centers, in the area.

If anyone was interested in this approach, and/or knew individuals working at any of these centers, I would be willing take the first step to reach out to see where opportunities for collaboration could take place.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts, comments, and or ideas about this posiblility.

3 Responses to Connecting to Technology Centers

  1. Felicia says:

    I suggest you contact the following folks who are part of the CTC movement in the Greater Boston area:

    Nyvia Colon – Madison Park Development Corporation (she works with alot of Boston-based CTCs and is on the CTCNet national board with Nettrice)

    Matt Crichton – Boston YWCA – he works with a number of youth centers around these issues

    Thaddeus Miles – MassImpact – he is with the Boston Housing Authority and runs a bunch of digital media making workshops in these centers

    Alan Michel – Home, Inc. – they have been doing media education in school and after school environments for years.

    Daphne Griffin – Boston Boys & Girls Club – directs lots of their Technology Initiatives. B&GC have been working on new media curriculum.

    Gail Breslow – Intel Computer Clubhouse – they have pioneer digital media creation and education for youth populations.

    There are lot of folks who were part of the CTCNet Connections for Tomorrow grants who might be interested – you can find the list here:

    You can also find Massachusetts base d CTCNet members (including many listed above) here:

  2. Alex says:

    These are great suggestions for sites and initiatives.

    Quickly, a couple more organizations:

    Talk more at the next meeting.

  3. I’m up for helping with this as well.

    Daphne Griffin is actually no longer the Dir of Tech Programs at BGCB, but you could talk to Jean Comeau, or better yet, connect directly with the Tech Directors. (I’m still in contact with a lot of them regularly.)

    Depending on what exactly we want to do, there’s TONS of other ctc’s around…BNN, SCAT, and a some up in Lowell & Lawrence as well. I think a lot of CTC’s are always looking for volunteers/mentors, especially one’s with specific skills and/or willing to work with multimedia & youth.

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