Digital Divide

Nettrice wrote: we should be the place where the divide closes between those who have access to the emerging technologies and those who do not have access.


This hits a critical point. Digital and other technologies increasingly define the world we live in, and young people today tackle technological challenges with alarming speed and ease. At least, that is a common assumption. The divide between those who have access, education, and the cultural capital to seize the possibilities that emerging technologies offer is growing rapidly. Every year, the tech landscape gets more complex, and children that are immersed in this technology rich environment have countless opportunities to explore, uncover, and create. Yet, too many people have no access or understanding. For many, technology in the home is the TV that’s on at least 4 hours hours a day, serving as baby sitter, sick friend, and teacher. And the situation in poor urban and rural schools is often dire. The digital divide is a symptom of the broader system of inequality and meritocracy delineated by racial and class lines. We would need take on this issue, and at the same, engage young, tech savvy groups to synthesize traditional organizing strategies with the potential of emerging technologies.

One Response to Digital Divide

  1. I’ve been thinking about this too, Nettrice, especially around how to bring blogging into youth tech centers. But in a way where it’s not just gossip and collecting images they didn’t create to create profiles to get dates, but more to explore issues and give youth a solid, creative voice. Maybe we could incorporate media awareness/policy issues and audio/video blogging…especially if we tag it correctly and get other bloggers to start highlighting them.

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