Why ACME Boston?

Many people have been asking me, "Why ACMEBoston?", "Why do we need it?", "What is it really trying to do?"

Great questions!

ACMEBoston has a three step approach:

1.) EDUCATION – ACMEBoston works to give media users greater FREEDOM and CHOICE by teaching them how to access, analyze, evaluate, and produce media. ACME-style literacy education emphasizes knowledge, skills, and activism.

2,) CREATION – putting the tools and skills in the hands of people to create and produce their own media. Particularly for those who have been marginalized by, and shut out of, the current media system.

3.) MOBILIZATION – understanding how our government and the market decide who owns the media, who doesn't, and who benefits most from these decisions. ACMEBoston provides an opportunity for public mobilization through civic engagement to create a more just, equitable, and representative media system.


ACMEBoston works to put power back in the hands of people for progressive media, and social, change.

I hope this provides a framework (at least to start off with and to move forward from) in understanding why ACMEBoston is unique, essential, and fun, too!

4 Responses to Why ACME Boston?

  1. jdaniels says:

    Right on Colin!
    Well said.

    It is also important to build off the language that people like George Lakoff and others have written.

  2. Nettrice says:

    I would respond with “Why Not?” Who else is doing media education along with content, etc.? It’s a good idea to show how ACME Boston adds to the grassroots/community-based media and technology landscape and also what it does to bridge other groups.

  3. Felicia says:

    In your mind map you have added change. Do you want to replace POWER with CHANGE???

  4. Colin says:

    Great comments here.

    I believe educating, creating, and mobilizing creates the sort of power that can lead to media and social change. It’s key that both the map & vision for ACMEBoston be able to articulate these goals.

    I look forward to learning more from all of you how you would like to see ACMEBoston move these ideas forward in concrete action steps, both online–through an ACMEBoston web based community–and offline–through sharing our own skills and work in a connected effort with others locally.

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