Youth Protest Hate Radio in SF

(via Jonathan Lawson, Reclaim the Media)

Youth Protest Clear Channel's Hate Radio 910AM in SF
by Jeff Paterson, Not in Our Name

Indybay article with photos

See also Youth Media Council and Media Alliance.

About 60 youth, media activists, and concerned community members staged a protest against “hate radio” yesterday in front of Clear Channel’s SF headquarters across from the Caltrain station.

The action was billed as the beginning of a campaign to revoke Clear Channel’s broadcast licenses for local “hate radio” stations, especially 910AM KNEW. Organizers played racist, anti-immigrant, anti-gay, anti-human audio clips from Clear Channel personalities Michael Savage, Bill Bennett, Bill O’Reilly, and Jeff Katz.

”The Federal Communications Commission has a responsibility to regulate the airwaves in the public interest,” says Taishi Duchicela, organizer for the Youth Media Council. “KNEW violates the public interest by broadcasting inflammatory content that incites fear and violence. We’ve petitioned the FCC to revoke KNEW’s license because Clear Channel should not be given a license to hate.”

Following the rally, protesters carried a large “Petition to Deny Clear Channel licenses” signed by nearly 1,800 Bay Area residents to Clear Channel’s front door. The security guard refused to accept the petition for delivery.

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