Media Justice & ACMEBoston

I am a media activist, not only because I care about how policy issues affect our media system, but because I do not see a media system in this country that truly reflects and justly represents the people who live in this country.

ACMEBoston must connect with individuals and groups across race, class, gender, and sexual-orientation to create–not a media alternative–a media reality. ACMEBoston and can and must be a place that challenges racism, classism, sexism, and homophobia to reflect what a real "media democracy" looks like.

This week, I hope to connect with individuals and groups working to break down our white supremacist media, culture, and society. I hope that through networking and finding possibilities for collaboration, ACMEBoston can work with others to create an all-inclusive approach to media education, production, and activism.

Visit Reclaim The Media's extensive list of Resources for Media Justice Organizing. It's a great bank of articles and resources to learn about Media Justice and ways to get involved.

2 Responses to Media Justice & ACMEBoston

  1. Nicole says:

    We should all remember and learn from the great example of the Youth Media Council in SF and perhaps consider a campaign around media justice in the form of a media monitering project focused on a local media outlet. This would also be a good way to engage youth in media justice and media literacy work.

  2. Felicia says:

    righ on Colin. I think one of the problems when working with media around social justice issues it that the media becomes the focus rather than the people and issues. This seems to become even more the case as you start to work on education and access issues with meda.

    I’m interested in strategies folks have used (successfully) to connect up with media education and access to social issues and community change. Examples from those working with adults and not just youth would be happy.

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