Act Now to Protect Community Media!

Send Your Message to Congress!

(via Alliance for Community Media)

"This nation has come to a critical juncture in the legislative battle to protect local franchising especially Public, Educational, Government and Institutional Network resources for our communities, These bills, as written, give a few powerful corporations complete control over the information passing into and out of every home in America. No people can be free who do not have freedom to share any information they feel they need to make decisions.

The greenspace provided by Public, Educational and Governmental access channels is a real protection against corporate domination of our communities. Corporations should have the freedom to compete and innovate. Do our children deserve less? We believe in profits, but not at the expense of our Democracy

The ACM asks that residents of every community hit by the Snowstorm! call and/or write their Senators and Representatives today. The message from the public is simple:

* My community believes in preserving open and free public spaces such as PEG.

* The companies making billions of dollars in our communities should contribute financial support for these spaces.

* We want the Alliance for Community Media to speak for us in hearings and conversations about the new video laws."

Click here to send a message

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