ACMEBoston Joins CCTV & Media Policy in Local Media Policy Reform Coaltion

ACMEBoston, CCTV, and Media Policy have joined in a Greater Boston coalition for media policy reform.

This alliance has agreed to work to engage the public in upcoming legislative battles that have the potential to threaten the ability for individuals in our local communities to have a voice within our current media landscape.

Media Policy allows individuals to make their voices heard, right now, about media policy debates through contributing digital media content. The coalition will also work to reach a larger audience with this new media content (i.e. at, Slashdot, and on other often visited websites).

We are working to create an online civic space to share ideas, create concrete action steps, and to craft clear language about complex issues in order to connect with a diverse constituency in Greater Boston.

We are also establishing a local media policy working group to meet offline to discuss ways for greater public participation and civic engagement, as Congress begins rewriting legislation that will determine the future of the media.

More details to come…

2 Responses to ACMEBoston Joins CCTV & Media Policy in Local Media Policy Reform Coaltion

  1. jdaniels says:

    This is great news. We are all little streams coming together to form a raging river. I can see this Acme Boston website as a water turbine, channeling all the energy from us and illuminating our communities.

  2. Janet says:

    this is so great. I’m so glad to be a part of Acme Boston.

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