Looking for Comments on New ACMEBoston Logos

Thanks to Nettrice for these great logo designs. Please comment and share your thoughts about the new ACMEBoston logo!

3 Responses to Looking for Comments on New ACMEBoston Logos

  1. jdaniels says:

    2 designs stand out. The first design I like because it looks much like the little ‘RSS’ or ‘XML’ tags that you see on the left column of many blogs.
    I think that is a strong characteristic and we should consider that our logo will be placed as a link/tag to many a website and blog.

    However, the bottom design is cool, too, because it uses the tagline, too. This one is better larger, as a homepage design.
    The fact that the word ACME is blocked is a little problematic but the tagline is very strong.

  2. Colin says:

    I like the first one, too. I thought that it was bold and could work well on a sticker design or link/tag.

    I also like the bottom one, maybe for a second design we could use for stickers and on the website.

  3. Jason Crow says:

    I agree with jdaniels.

    I think you should go with the “XML-like” designs for chicklets for websites (design #1 is my favorite chicklet design).

    As far as the overall logo is concerned, i prefer the 5th one because “BOSTON” doesn’t block “ACME.”

    I like the tagline of the last one.

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