From MOVE to Katrina: Covering Communities of Color in Times of Crisis

Media Tank presents What is Media Justice?
From MOVE to Katrina marks the launch of a new series of Media Tank events that present an inquiry into what a just media system looks like.

Thursday December 1st, 7pm
Philadelphia, PA

Download the flyer for details.

The 1985 bombing of Osage Avenue rocked the nation and its tragic legacy still haunts Philadelphia. How did journalists of color on the ground at the time of MOVE navigate the racial dynamics of this catastrophe? What was the relationship between reporters covering the story and the editorial staffs where they worked.

Fast forward to September 2005, where much of the nation is in a state of sadness and outrage at the response to and portrayal of victims in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. What stories or perspectives were not told that should have been? In the 20 years between these events, what lessons have we learned? Have things changed? And if so, have they changed for the better?

A panel of noted journalists and academics reflect on the news coverage and culture surrounding these two devastating events, the effects of which were largely felt by communities of color. Other key stories will also be considered as the panel explores how stories impacting communities of color get told and whether journalists of color are able to bring a different perspective to these events.

Juan Gonzalez, columnist for the New York Daily News and co-host of Democracy Now!
Michael Days, editor of the Philadelphia Daily News
Linn Washington, Philadelphia Tribune
Kimmika Williams-Witherspoon , Temple University Dept. of Theater and former reporter for the Philadelphia Tribune
Karen Turner, Temple University Dept. of Journalism
Additional speakers TBA

For more information call 215-563-1100
Cosponsored by the Temple University Department of Journalism

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