More DTV Transition Updates & Resources from the Benton Foundation

Download the Benton Foundation's DTV Transition Bill Comparison (Matrix) to see how each bill spells out what's at stake with the digital television transitition.

In a Press Release from the Benton Foundation, Charles Benton, chairman of the Benton Foundation said:

"As the final decisions about the DTV transition now move to the Federal Communications Commission, critical questions remain unanswered: Will DTV broadcasters provide the necessary civic programming before elections necessary for an informed democracy, or will democracy itself be left behind? Will the DTV future include a variety of voices and views, or will the nation's diversity be left behind? Will DTV provide truly educational content, or will our children be left behind? Will DTV programming be accessible, or will people with sight- or hearing-impairments be left behind?

Download The Citizens' Guide to the Public Interest Obligations of Digital Television Brodcasters here.

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