Media Coverage of the NYC Transit Workers Strike

"Peak holiday shopping week", "Jail time", and "three-day strike that has crippled the city during the busy holiday season" are some of the key descriptive phrases you'll find in the media today involving the NYC Transport Workers Union Local 100 strike.

Over the past few days, it's been almost impossible to know why the Transport Workers were even striking at all, from reading, watching, or listening to the news media. Seems that holiday shopping and the union's thuggishness were more important catch phrases to use in reporting the story than the public's right to know about the real issues involved.

To NPR's credit, however, "All Things Considered" did produce a couple of segments that provided some background to the story, including: "Labor Issues, History Behind New York Transit Strike" (buried half way down the page on NPR's MAIN REPORT PAGE). And all of about 4 minutes long…

Read what Danny Schechter had to say about the media's coverage of the transit workers strike.

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