Unplugging a Media Giant

(From National Radio Project)

"MAKING CONTACT – a weekly international radio program

Unplugging a Media Giant

December 21, 2005

A look at how Clear Channel came to be the largest owner of radio stations in North America and the many people fighting against it.

In this edition, we will hear about media monitoring campaigns across the country and legal challenges to Clear Channel stations that are not operating in the public interest. We'll explore the ties between Clear Channel CEO Larry Mayes, and the Bush family, and we'll check in on a battle in the company's hometown of San Antonio.


Malkia Cyril, executive director, Youth Media Council; Taishi Duchicela, media justice advocate, Youth Media Council; Youth Media Council's Si Se Puede Fellow, Leslie Ruiz; Jeff Perlstein, executive director, Media Alliance; Graciela Sanchez, executive director, Esperanza Peace and Justice Center; Deanne Cuellar, project director, Texas Media Empowerment Project; Austin Lounge Lizards, "The Tower."

This week's hosts: Tena Rubio and Emily Polk. Contributing producer: Sarah Grace Turner."

Listen to the program.

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