LPFM: The People’s Choice

For those of you who have cable television, this Sunday January 8, at 7PM, The Hallmark Channel will be airing a film from The Office of Communication of the United Church of Christ about how "Reverend Everett Parker in the 1960s lead a campaign to open up the airwaves to people of color and women. See how broadcasters, the FCC, and other regulatory bodies accountable to including all segments of society." The film is called "LPFM: The People's Choice".

Here are the details:

"LPFM: The People's Choice" chronicles the extraordinary story of a low power, low cost radio service that withstood the rigors of Capitol Hill and special interest attacks. More than a documentary, it's a rallying cry to build community around locally owned media. The film, airing at 7PM EST and PST on the Hallmark Channel, was produced by the Office of Commmunication of the United Church of Christ.

Office of Communication of the United Church of Christ (OC)

The O.C. advocates on behalf of those who had been historically excluded from the media, especially people of color and women, acting on behalf of the public interest and holding accountable those in control of the media.

For more information visit the O.C.

For more information about LPFM visit Reclaim Radio: The Battle over Low-Power FM from Free Press and Take Action to support low-power FM radio!

One Response to LPFM: The People’s Choice

  1. Colin says:

    Unfortunately, I found out too late that the film aired at 7AM this morning, not 7PM tonight!

    Got the info from the Free Press Events Calendar that listed the time incorrectly:

    Sorry, to anyone that was looking forward to seeing it as much as I was.

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