Telecommunications Legislative Update & Local Policy Group Meetings

Susan Fleischmann, Executive Director of Cambridge Community Television, discusses some of the "the concerns shared by the public access community and other public interest advocates" regarding media/telecom legislation currently being considered in Congress.

ACMEBoston is working with CCTV to hold a series of media/telecom policy meetings over the coming months, beginning with our first meeting in January 2006. The date for the first meeting will be announced this week.

The purpose of these meetings is to provide a local forum for people to come together, learn about, discuss, and take action on current media/telecom legislation in Congress.

Read Susan's Telecommunications Legislative Update post on the CCTV website to learn more about some of the issues involved. And check back here for the date/time of the first media/telecom policy working group meeting that will be held at CCTV.

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