Media Democracy Working Group

At the monthly ACMEBoston meeting last night, there was great interest in organizing around upcoming legislation that could have a huge impact on our media and democracy. We discussed issues such as the looming threats to Public, Educational, and Government Acesss or PEG channels; An "Open v. Closed" Internet involving issues of Network Neutrality; and the sale of the Public Airwaves in the transition from Analog to Digital Television and how digital broadcasters will serve the public interest in this new media landscape.

There was strong agreement at the meeting that it is important to make these very complex issues easier for people to understand. Doing so would help involve more people in the debate and encourage more people to take action as these bills approach the floor for a vote in Congress this year. We also agreed that it is important to find a unified local voice in this debate that represents our position to our elected representatives and to citizens in our communities clearly, accurately, and to the point.

With the upcoming series of Media Democracy meetings, sponsored by ACMEBoston, CCTV, and Media Policy Blog, we will address these and other issues and to:

• Identify and Frame: the key legislative issues involved
• Create Strategic Alliances: to influence policymakers in the public interest
• Find Creative Solutions: to raise public awareness and gain public support
• Take Action: to defend our rights as consumers and citizens in a democratic society

The Media Democracy Working Group has identified "What's at Stake" in this struggle to include:

• Our First Amendment Rights
• Local Control of Our Media and Our Public Rights of Way
• Access to Diverse Media Content
• The Digital Divide

If you are interested in participating in this effort, please comment here or send an email to info at acmeboston dot org to learn more and get involved.

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