“Internet censorship” program on WBUR today

Hey ACME folks,
On the radio right now (10-11 AM) WBUR's program "On Point" is hosting a conversation on the current state of internet censorship and surveillance. Among guests is the author of a new book, "Who Owns The Web? Illusions of a Borderless World." Usually "On Point" repeats again in the evening, I believe around 8PM. – John Gianvito

One Response to “Internet censorship” program on WBUR today

  1. Colin says:

    John, thanks for this post. I will listen to the show.

    First, it was Internet filtering in China and now it’s hitting home. Increasingly it looks like we’re headed towards an era where Big Telecom and Cable companies become the “repressive regimes” in restricting access to consumers and citizens through price and “eyeball” controls.

    On February 7th, the Senate Commerce Committee is having a hearing on Network Neutrality and the future of an Open v. Closed Internet. You can listen to the webstream live at this address: http://commerce.senate.gov/hearings/witnesslist.cfm?id=1705.

    We’ll also be discussing Net Neutrality at the Media Democracy meeting on January 30th. Hope to see you there.

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