ACME 2006 Summit Call For Proposals

(From ACME Board President Rob Wiliams)

Our 2006 Summit organizers are looking for "hands on" media education proposals for workshops to be offered at our October 6-8, 2006 "Facing the Crisis: Media Education for Reform, Justice, and Democracy" Summit in beautiful Burlington, Vermont.

Download the simple and easy-to-complete RFP form here:

Students, download your own "ACME 2006 Youth Summit" RFP form here:

Deadline for all RFP proposal submission is March 31.

Invited speakers to the ACME 2006 Summit include George Clooney, Amy Goodman, Casey Murrow, Diane Wilson, Robert McChesney, Bill McKibben, Susan Douglas, Bob McCannon, Jean Kilbourne, Hannah Sassman, Anthony Riddle, Pete Tridesh, Sut Jhally, Josh Silver, Kristina Borjesson, John Stauber, Juliet Schorr, Lauren Glenn-Davitian, David Mindich, and U.S. Senate candidate Bernie Sanders.

And please support our growing roster of ACME 2006 Summit co-sponsors:

Champlain College at
Chelsea Green Press at
TV-B-Gone at
MemeFILMS at

(Interested in co-sponsoring the Summit? Contact ACME board president Rob Williams at

Hotel and registration information to be posted in early February.

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