Grassroots Organizing around Technology

(via Nolan Bowie)

READY, SET, GO! The UMI Forum on Information and Urban Markets


Hip Hop: Bridging the Digital Divide
Learn how a local community group and the Africana Studies Department, University of Toledo is using rap and hip-hop to promote computer literacy, and how cultural production can be the vehicle for bridging the digital divide and the platform for stimulating grass roots entrepreneurial spirit.


Using Indicators to Organize Neighborhood Change: Charlotte, NC Neighborhood Quality of Life Study
In this session, participants will learn about data that is potentially available at their local level and how to leverage that information to provide a comprehensive picture of a neighborhood at a custom geographic level. The trainers will provide their insights from over a decade of experience on how local governments, departments, and agencies can work with local non-profits to use a neighborhood quality of life study as an organizing and analysis tool to improve the conditions of a neighborhood.

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