Who Wants to Hear Our Story?

(via Chuck Sherwood)

Communications and Contemporary Native Americans:
A Media Symposium
March 2-3, 2006 in Washington, DC

"The absence of U.S. media coverage about Native American communities means that Indian Country today is a mystery to most people. While there are rampant stereotypes, realities and cultural strengths remain hidden.

Come participate in a conversation about Indian Country with the goal of engaging more people with issues affecting indigenous peoples in the United States." – Friends Committee on National Legislation.

Native American Struggle to Obtain a Real Hearing

"Who wants to hear our stories?
How can we best explain or convey our circumstances to others?
Can we forthrightly discuss current controversies?"

Event Endorsements

"We have criminally little to do with Indian Country…Our coverage is wildly inadequate." ~ Steve Coll, The Washington Post

For more information visit The Native American Media Symposium.

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