Globe Article on Alternative Hip-Hop

There was a pretty cool article in today's Globe (go figure) about Essence magazine and the Berklee School of Music working together to promote socially conscious hip-hop among youth. The article features quotes from Project: Think Different director Scherazade King.

Aiming for an alternative hip-hop:
Berklee joins the movement encouraging new directions for rap

"Berklee College of Music, in an effort to influence the direction of rap, is joining Essence magazine's Take Back the Music campaign, meant in part to encourage young artists who offer alternatives to the violent and sex-laden lyrics found in some popular hip-hop music.

The school says the movement fits with its goal of bolstering the hip-hop curriculum, which already includes classes on using turntables and, starting this semester, will feature a class that, in part, teaches students to think critically about the social impact of black music. The college will also screen and provide summer program scholarships to three teenagers who win Essence's hip-hop songwriting contest."

"On Saturday, Berklee is cosponsoring a ''hip-hop empowerment summit" and freestyle showcase for young adults. The Roxbury event is part of an educational effort to encourage young artists and remind them to think critically about their art."

Read the whole article here

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