Strengths, Challenges, and Collaboration: Advocacy groups organizing on media ownership and beyond

(via Media Action

"Summary: Media activists and advocates reflect on their collaborations during the 2003 media-ownership campaign and consider the needs and opportunities for effective media-change activism. (37 pages, March 2004)

Description: After collectively organizing a national campaign to fight media ownership deregulation at the FCC, twenty-five media advocates discuss the successes and lessons of their experiences and needs for moving forward. This report includes recommendations for next steps for both media-advocacy organizations and funders to build effective activism and strengthen the field.

Author: Sheetal Matani, Catherine Borgman-Arboleda, Aliza Dichter,Gerri Spilka

Organization: OMG Center for Collaborative Learning and CIMA: Center for International Media Action

Article Text:The Media Diversity Meeting took place in Philadelphia, September 12-13, 2003. Click below to download the report in pdf format. For more information about this report, contact CIMA at cima @

Strengths-Challenge-final.pdf 262.2 KB" – Media Action Center

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