Live From Arlington – A Model for the New ACMEBoston Site

Although has only been up for a few months now, It's already time for a change.

I'd like to make a blog, where all ACMEBoston members have equal administrative access to add, edit, and mix content allowing all of us to participate more fully in the site.

I've been looking around for examples online that we could adopt for the new ACMEBoston blog. I found (my town's site) through I thought this site was an excellent example of how could transform itself into a much more participatory online space that provides a calendar, seperate pages for contributor blogs, forums, a place to add files, a links page and much more. I think this model would be great for

I hope we can talk more about this on Tuesday at our next ACMEBoston monthly meeting. Look forward to hearing your thoughts, ideas, and any examples that you may have found for the new ACMEBoston site.

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