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"Dear friends and supporters of a people's media,

we are at a critical time in our struggle to achieve a more democratic media.

some of you may have already caught wind that 2006 will be an important year in telecommunications policy.

a myriad of bills have been floating around both houses of congress with euphemistic aliases like “the video choice act,” “the broadband investment act,” and the “digital age communications act.”

within these sleeper bills lie a very serious threat to one of the few remaining spaces where people talk to each other as people, and not as a market to corner, desensitize and deliver.

we are more than that and need to express this loudly so 0h!-six does NOT become the deep six to public interest media that telecom ’96 was (did clear channel even exist before ’96?)

friends, if you follow the link below it will take you to the manhattan neighborhood network save access site where you can file your public comments on-line and tell the fcc what your feelings are concerning local control of your community’s communication needs.

you have until febrauary 13th to file!

the fcc is requesting the public’s input on “video franchising.” franchises are basically agreements between the city and the cable provider, where a city can negotiate for resources like public access facilities, equipment, and training staff and other municipal needs like the wiring of public buildings or the filling in of potholes. these franchises are being scrutinized as a barrier to competitors like the baby bells (verizon, at&t, etc..) who want to become video service providers too.

there’s more info on the mnn link but the gist of it is, give the fcc the word, in your own words of course, that video franchises support community necessities like people-powered television and you can legislate to lower my rate but DON'T TERMINATE my public, education, and government access tv!"

you get the picture.

i’ve been meeting with some of the community producers at the brooklyn access center where i work these last couple of nights and showing them how to file on-line. walking them through the process, with the mnn & fcc windows open on the desktop, its been a quaint computer literacy & getting to know your neighbor lesson with some of our seniors who still edit analog in one of the last remaining cuts-only suites. so if folks have access to computers and the internet then turn the whole gang on. filing public comments can be fun!!! it don’t take much time to speak up.


in solidarity,

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