Tell the FCC “Hands Off Public Access!”

The time is now to Take Action to Support Public Access. The Giant Telephone and Cable Companies—including Verizon and Comcast—want to “streamline” the Local Video Franchising Process at the expense of Local Voices in Media, Our Public Rights of Way, and Our Democratic Process.

If these Communications Giants get their way, they will help to Shut The Doors on Thousands of Public Access Centers, like Boston Neighborhood Network (BNN) and Cambridge Community Television (CCTV), across the country. Public Access Centers are some of the few public places left in the media where our communities and citizens can Have a Voice and Be Heard.

Click Here to see why Public Access Matters and how "Community Media empowers the community to actively participate in their democracy and in the affairs of their local community." – Media Policy Blog

It’s Time to Tell the FCC “Hands Off Public Access!”

The FCC has a February 13th Deadline (next Monday!) to accept Public Comments and to hear from us in Support of Public Access.

Tonight at our ACMEBoston Monthly Meeting (7 PM @ Community Change in Boston), we will draft a letter that each of us can use to Make Our Voices Heard before Monday's Deadline.

We will provide background materials about the debate, further discuss the issues at stake, and walk through the steps to learn how to File our Comments with the FCC. We will also provide Sample Letters that we can use to help us Draft Our Letter to Tell the FCC “Hands Off Public Access!”

I hope you will join us.


* To learn more about what's at stake and how to file your comments with the FCC, visit these links:

1. Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN): “Help Save Public Access TV!”

2. Cambridge Community Television (CCTV): "Is CCTV Important to You? Send Comments to the FCC"

3. Center for Media and Democracy (Vermont): "Action Alert!"

4. Free Press: "Defend Local Access"

5. Center for Digital Democracy: "Will Kevin Martin and the FCC Ignore Media History and Further Undermine the Public Interest?"

6. Media Access Project: "Filing Comments"

Colin Rhinesmith
Action Coalition for Media Education, Greater Boston

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