Your Comments to the FCC in Support of Local Voices on TV!

Tomorrow is the Deadline to File Your Comments with the FCC in support of Public, Educational, and Government Access Television.

Robert Hilliard, Emerson College Professor and Former Chief of the Educational (Public) Broadcasting Branch at the FCC, makes his voice heard with a letter to the FCC in Support of Local Voices on TV:

"Dear Commissioner Martin:

When I came to the Commission in 1964 as Chief of the Educational (Public) Broadcasting Branch, one of my duties was to work with the task force on cable television to assure that municipalities were given the prerogative of requiring the allocation of and monetary support for PEG channels when franchising local cable systems.

These Public, Education and Government access channels, where implemented, have contributed importantly to the cultural, educational and informational needs of their communities. Their loss would be a step backward in serving the public interest, convenience, and necessity.

In the reconsideration of the local cable franchising process, I hope the Commission will make certain that municipalities retain the option of requiring allocation of and support for PEG channels.


Robert L. Hilliard, Ph.D.
(Currently: Professor, Emerson College)

c.c. Commissioners Copps, Adelstein, Tate; Mass Media Bureau"

TIME IS RUNNING OUT!!! If you care about community voices in our media, Click Here for easy steps to file your comments with the FCC Today!!!

After you've filed your comments share your letters Right Here on the ACMEBoston Blog.

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