Media Giraffe Conference at UMass Amherst

Registration is open for the Media Giraffe Conference at UMass Amherst June 29 – July 1. The purpose is to "unite media, political, education, technology sectors in charting the future of journalism".

I'll be running one of the workshops for the "Educating Smart Media Consumers/Creators" Track titled “Morphing from music: iPods enter the classroom”. Here's the workshop description:

"The how's and why's of sending downloadable audio files over the Internet — how is this being adopted by educators? How can a Internet news operations serve the need for classroom-ready podcasting material? Workshop leaders: Colin Rhinesmith, Action Coalition for Media Education, Boston chapter ("

The overview of the conference from the Media Giraffe site:

"Hundreds of traditional and citizen journalists, political strategists, educators, bloggers, developers, technology and media researchers will convene June 29-July 1, 2006 at University of Massachusetts Amherst for the first Media Giraffe Project conference. The Media Giraffe Project, a non-partisan, interdisplinary research effort of the UMass journalism program, is hosting the roundtable summit and how-to sessions designed to:

* Consider and recommend answers to changes to the financing and practice of journalism

* Bridge the gap between new and traditional media

* Show and consider the impact of new media technologies on journalism and the "public sphere"

* Spotlight emerging business models

* Create new networks of media innovators which bridge traditional carriers among journalism, education, politics and technology.

Constituencies from mainstream and alternative media rarely meet together, and when they do it is too often as adversaries. Yet new technologies are currently upending and interweaving the practice of journalism, politics and teaching.

"Democracy and Independence" — the first Media Giraffe Project Conference — is the crossover meeting place for leading thinkers on the impact of the Internet on media, education and politics — and the place to celebrate 'above-the-crowd' innovation.

To accomodate attendees from citizen journalism, media, politics, education and technology, a five-track event is scheduled, starting with a limited-enrollment roundtable summit, followed by a four-track conference."

Visit the conference website for program, lodging and travel details, online registration and to download a printable program schedule.

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