– (Who’s) Report(ing) It Now

There's a campaign over at, titled "Report It Now", a project created by an interesting alliance of partners: ACLU, Free Press, Channel One News (huh?),, & XM Satellite.

The site has an email action to tell your local media to "Restore the public trust in your news coverage", tips on how to report a story in your community, ways for parents to talk about the news with their kids, lesson plans for teachers, and more.

There's also a number of "authors" contributing to the site including Tim Karr (Free Press), JD Lasica (Ourmedia), and Norman Lear. While it's an impressive roster, it's whitewashed and male dominated. There isn't a single person of color on the list of "authors" and it's 8 to 3, men to women contributors.

While I support online tools for media change, websites like (and ACMEBoston) must work to build "Social Networks" across race, class, gender, and sexual-orientation both online and offline. We also have to participate in spreading resources and education to those who are already online and to make sure that content is relevant (see Andy Carvin's "At the U of Missouri Scholarly Communications Conference" and listen to the podcast).

As Lakshmi Chaudhry writes in the February 6 edition of In These Times,

"At a time when the visible digital divide may be shrinking as increasing numbers of Americans come online, it may be replaced by an invisible version that benefits those who are well-educated, well-connected and organized." – "Can Blogs Revolutionize Progressive Politics?"

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