The End of Local Video Franchising?

Media Policy Blog writes:

In an article posted in the National Journal Telecom Update, David Hatch describes the deal being proposed in the Senate Commerce Committee that would allow new video providers to enter in a national franchise and bypass local franchising as well as provisions for "network neutrality." Read the an excerpt from the article below or read the entire article at the National Journal Telecom Update website.

House Committee Nears Deal
By David Hatch
(Tuesday, February 28)

"Leading members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee are close to reaching agreement on telecommunications overhaul legislation, Energy and Commerce Chairman Joe Barton, R-Texas, said.

The bill would focus on letting the former regional Bell operating companies rapidly enter the video marketplace to compete head-on with the cable industry.

'We are hopeful to get a bipartisan agreement [so] that we can release some sort of a draft' either late this week or early next week, Barton told a National Association of Broadcasters event. Barton plans debate in his panel's Telecommunications and the Internet Subcommittee in March.

'My position is that there should be a national franchise,' Barton later told reporters."

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