Telecom Bill Coming Before Easter

(from National Journal's Insider Update)

Stevens Seeks To Push Telecom Bill Before Easter

By Drew Clark

"(Tuesday, March 7) Senate Commerce Chairman Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, said he wants his panel to pass telecommunications overhaul legislation before the Easter recess, as he pushed aside some lawmakers' suggestion that the proposed merger of AT&T and BellSouth should cause Congress to slow down on this matter.

Stevens said he did not agree with concerns raised about the merger by Commerce ranking member Daniel Inouye, D-Hawaii, because 'what is developing now [is] an entirely different communications picture for the entire country.'

Speaking after a committee hearing on rural telecommunications issues, Stevens said Congress should 'ensure that whatever results of mergers take place, we have a more balanced world' of competition among cable, telephone and wireless services."

Yeah, right…Read the rest of the article here and then Take Action:

1. Here
2. Here
3. Here

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