Film Screening: “Trudell”

(From John G.)

This is just a note to say if any of you have time and inclination, I recommend the new documentary on Native American activist/poet/singer John Trudell now playing at the Coolidge Corner in their upstairs video room but only through Thursday night.

(From the Coolidge)

"John Trudell is a native American activist, poet, musician, orator, actor, activist, and American hero. Featuring interviews with Trudell and friends like Robert Redford, Jackson Browne, Sam Shepard, Kris Kristofferson and Wilma Mankiller, director Heather Rae's TRUDELL uses beautifully impressionistic visuals to capture the spirit of the man and his influential work. When Trudell joined a 1969 Native American protest for land rights, he found that his articulate eloquence on indigenous issues emerged as a powerful new voice. He continued to speak out all through the 70s as the head of the American Indian Movement. But tragedy struck when Trudell's wife and three children died in a house fire. He turned his heartache into poetry, then turned his spoken word into music. His work transformed, Trudell had evolved from activist to philosopher."

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