Embracing New Technologies for Media Education, Justice, and Reform

Here's my proposal for the ACME Summit. Looking for comments. The proposal deadline is Friday.

Title: “Embracing New Technologies for Media Education, Justice, and Reform”

Description: MySpace, Gather, and other social networking sites are bringing people and communities together online. But New Digital Media Titans (the Yahoos, Googles, and Amazons) are increasingly invading our online public and personal spaces through profit motivation at the expense of conversation, education, and civic participation. How can a new generation of critical media educators and activists push back against this influx of corporate digital media consolidation and work together through embracing new online technologies to benefit our students and communities?

In the spirit of the Free Culture movement, are media educators and activists willing to give up their personal ownership of ideas, skills, and knowledge for the benefit of their students and communities? How can media educators and activists embrace these new concepts and technologies to pave the way for a larger progressive movement fighting for racial, economic, and social justice against the backdrop of an increasingly corporate digital media system?

2 Responses to Embracing New Technologies for Media Education, Justice, and Reform

  1. jdaniels says:

    I like the premise, but I would like to know more about how the ideas in the second paragraph connect with the first? Are you suggesting that activists embrace Myspace in order to subvert it? Or is it the repsonsibility of activists and educators to bring Free Culture into the larger consciousness?

  2. Colin says:

    thanks, good points! I tried to limit proposal to 150 words (which is what they’re asking), but in doing so, it lost some of the focus, unfortunately. thanks for your comments.

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