Freedom To Connect 2006

I just returned from F2C 2006. It was a whirlwind. I spent most of my time recording interviews for the Berkman Center. Many of the podcasts are available at AudioBerkman & MediaPolicyBlog.

Here’s the list of podcasts that Daniell and I put together, featuring conversations with the following conference speakers and attendees:

  • Joe Van Eaton, Miller & Van Eaton
  • Tim Wu, Columbia Law School Professor
  • Cynthia De Lorenzi,
  • Esme Vos,
  • Dewayne Hendricks, The Dandin Group
  • I also posted audio from Rep. Rick Boucher’s (D-VA) presentation at the conference.

    Here’s a few of the blogposts from folks who spent more of the time inside the conference, than I did!

  • “Michael Powell on municipal wireless and net neutrality legislation”,
  • “We – the Internet Communications Community — Need a Crash Course in Lobbying 101”, PulverBlog
  • “Stuff hits the fan!”, IsenBlog
  • “[f2c] Rep. Rick Boucher”, David Weinberger
  • Much more at Technorati.

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