Poor People To Lose Most From New House Telecom Bill

I am watching today's House Subcommittee hearing on C-SPAN 2 (11:12 PM EST). My Rep. Ed Markey has claimed that this bill will ensure that only the WEALTHIEST communities in a geographic area will receive the most technologically advanced communication services.

Rep. Markey just said, "You can't serve one side of a community that has money" (11:13 PM EST).

Rep. Barton 's response was, "This is one agreement that we can't decide on" (11:14 PM EST).

If Our Government does not work to ensure that Telephone companies DO NOT discriminate against poor communities, than companies will do so. They have the most to benefit from doing so. They will make more money, from doing so. It's in their interests to do so, this is not in the interest of those who have the most to lose from this bill.

Rep. Dingell just (or rather earlier today) offered a "Build Out" amendment to ensure that ALL Communities receive access to the newest, greatest, fastest services, but, of course, Dingell's amendment was quickly Shot Down by the Republicans in the House Subcommittee.

Reps Markey and Dingell should be commended for their bravery and courage to stand up against the telephone companies who wish to profit most, leaving behind those with the least means. It is the telephone companies who of course were behind the language that's IN the bill. We should support Reps Dingell and Markey for their work to ensure that ALL communities will receive access.

Unfortunately, from what I am hearing from the Republican side of the House, though, it does not look like our POOREST communities will receive access, any time in the near future. Meaning it will take years to happen. I am not making this up. This is shameful. This is a complete and utter failure by our government to work towards moving our country in the right direction economically, technologically, socially, and for the Right of All People to have access to the information, services, and JOBS for the future.

So, if you've read this far, you can do one of two things: (1) you can sit there and forget about it, or (2) you can get involved–right now.

Time has not run out. The Time Is Now to contact your local official and tell them to Do The Right thing and support the right of everyone to receive access to new communications services. You can make a difference. Then tell your friends, family, co-workers, members of your church and other community groups, tell your mayor, city councilors, state representatives, and anyone else concerned about the right for ALL communities to have access to communications in the future.

This bill is in the House Right now and will not be there forever.

Stand Up Now to Stop Communication Discrimination.

"This bill will have the worst effect on those with the least means" – Rep. Dingell (11:45 PM EST) Re-airing, on C-SPAN 2, of House Subcomittee hearing on new telecom bill.

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