House Panel Approves Telecom Bill; Rejects Democratic ‘Buildout’ Plan

From National Journal, April 5, 2006
By Drew Clark

"As a House of Representatives subcommittee moved toward passage of a telecommunications overhaul bill prior to the forthcoming Easter congressional recess, it rejected a Democratic-sponsored amendment that would have required the regional Bell operating companies to 'build out' services to all customers within given geographic areas."

. . . "Boucher insisted that stronger network neutrality language is necessary to preserve existing Internet freedoms — and said he and other like-minded legislators would carry the fight to the full committee, the House Judiciary Committee and the House floor, if necessary.

And Eshoo contended that, if the language now in the bill becomes law, 'I think every member of Congress is going to hear from more members of the public than they ever have before, because there is going to be a toll tax on every information freeway.'"

Read the article.

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