Vermont/Jordan MEDIA Project

(From ACME Board President Rob Williams)

Hello friends, colleagues, and neighbors,

I have an exciting opportunity to go to Jordan for two weeks to work with twenty high school students – 10 Jordanians and 10 Vermonters – on media education and digital storytelling/video projects. Our Jordanian colleagues will then be joining us in Vermont during the end of June and early July to finalize our work together and visit the Green Mountains.

Our project is called MEDIA – "Media Education and Democracy In Action" – and we hope that, in some small way, we might promote a better understanding of the world's complexities as a result of our experience.

We leave on Sunday. For those of you who may be interested in learning a bit more, feel free to click on both the "Vermont Guardian" article and our BLOG URL (video log) below.

Special thanks to Project Harmony, Champlain College, and my family for making this trip possible, as well as to my Canadian media education colleague, Lee Rother, for his wisdom and support.



Read an article about our trip here:

View and read about what we are doing at our Project Harmony Vlog here:

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