Boston Banner Speaks With Nolan Bowie On Corporate Media Control

In the Thursday, April 6 edition of the Boston Banner reporter Virgil Wright speaks with Nolan Bowie, Harvard University professor about race, media, and the increasing privatization of our public spaces.

Harvard Prof. Opposes Corporate Media Control
By Virgil Wright

"In Bowie’s view, corporate control of digital and analog signals has stifled the glorious noise that should emanate from radio and television broadcasts. He paints a grim picture of government regulators, dominated by powerful media conglomerates, routinely suppressing the diversity of voices available from divvying up the spectrum among a wide range of viewpoints.

Instead of an ordered cacophony of political, social, and cultural messages, Bowie contends that we’re left with a boondoggle benefiting the usual suspects, who eschew competition and turn bandwidth into a license to print money, dumb down culture and undermine democracy."

Read the article here.

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