What Can We Expect From Senate Version of Telecom Bill?

We've given much attention here, in the past week, to the House version of the telecom bill, that passed 27-4 vote. But, when Congress returns from Easter break, what can we expect from the Senate? Here's a preview:

Senate Telecom Bill to Be Broader than House Draft Counterpart
From National Journal, March 29, 2006
By David Hatch

"Senate Commerce Chairman Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, is crafting telecommunications legislation that is broader in scope than a House counterpart floated this week, according to sources . . . The House bill focuses on video franchising relief for the Bell telecommunications firms and "network neutrality" safeguards intended to prevent telecom and cable companies from rigidly controlling content on their high-speed Internet pipes."

"In addition to those issues, the Senate version would tackle reform of the universal service program that subsidizes telecom rates in rural and underprivileged areas. The bill also would let municipalities offer wireless broadband and tap unused broadcast television spectrum to provide broadband service."

Stevensm "is targeting early summer for a conference to meld House and Senate measures."

Read the article.

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