Preview Of What’s To Come in MA?

Verizon Wins Franchise in Major New York Market
From Multichannel News, April 10, 2006
By Linda Haugsted

"As was the case in 17,000-resident Massapequa Park, the Hempstead franchise battle was intense, waged via commercials, mailers, town hall protests and newspaper editorials, and in heated debate during a public hearing.

TV ads placed by the Cable Television Association of New York stressed the view that Verizon intends to serve only the most affluent areas.

Local leaders and groups such as Circulo de la Hispanidad staged a protest at the town hall on March 25, claiming the Verizon build-out would bypass low income and minority communities. The protesters were supported by the cable-operator trade group and Cablevision, Verizon noted.

The franchise agreement says the telephone company does not have to serve areas where it is 'economically unfeasible.'"

Read the article.

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