At Charlie’s Table

Originally uploaded by Colin Rhinesmith.

This evening I was invited to Charlie Nesson's table. I joined a number of other people to have a conversation with Charlie (pictured here), using the public access of community media. The evening was video taped by three camera people and a number of other important community media volunteers at Cambridge Community Television.

This is one of the first community media collaborations between the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School (where I work) and CCTV. This relationship hopes to jump the walls of Harvard University and connect with the City of Cambridge and beyond using both traditional and new media technologies.

CCTV will also be joining the Berkman Center during the Beyond Broadcast conference on May 12 & 13 at Harvard Law School. Charlie will be there with his table to have a number of conversations with participants at the conference. Come to this important conference to explore the future of public media and you too may be invited to Charlie's table!

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