ACMEBoston Member John Gianvito Wednesday April 26th Film Screening

Come to a special screening of ACMEBoston member and Emerson College Film Professor John Gianvito's film (click on image below to enlarge or download):

The Mad Songs Of Fernanda Hussein
Directed by John Gianvito

Howard Zinn writes, "Both a work of art and a critical piece of history, The Mad Songs of Fernanda Hussein is throughly engaging as a story and provocative as an examination of American values."

Lucy Parsons Center

549 Columbus Ave
Boston, MA
(617) 267-6272

Director will be present for the screening!!

Made over six years on a minsicule budget with a cast of nonprofessionals, The Mad Songs Of Fernada Hussein melds fiction and documentary to examine the lasting ramifications of the 1991 Persian Gulf War on three characters in New Mexico. The Fernanda Hussein of the title is a Mexican American mother separated from her Arab husband whose children are targeted due to anti-Iraqi sentiments. Interwoven are two other stories, one following a young teenage boy, adrift in his anger, struggling to find a way to affect change; the other, the story of a returning veteran (portrayed by a Gulf war veteran) indelibly marked by what he?s witnessed and participated in.

"My goal was to try to create a time-capsule of what it felt like to be in America during that period, to preserve as best possible the memories I had of that time, with the hope of encouraging reflection." – John Gianvito

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