Communication Discrimination Threatens Boston Communities!

Telephone companies, dominated by white corporate interests, are just entering the communication service delivery business. The phone-company backed BARTON/COPE Act (The Communication Opportunity, Promotion and Enhancement Act of 2006) coming up for consideration by the U.S. Senate very soon, endangers:

Public Access Television
Network Neutrality and
Contains No Protection against Redlining

HIRAM SCOTT, President
Boston Neighborhood Producer's Group

will provide information, discussion, OPPORTUNITIES FOR ACTION opposing the COPE Act

May 17, 2006 (Wednesday)
12 noon-1:30pm
Community Change Library on Racism
14 Beacon Street, Suite 605
Boston, MA 02108

Please bring your lunch. Beverages will be provided. $5 contribution requested.
RSVP (617) 523-0555 or


Brown Bag Anti-Racism Discussion Series

This series brings together people who are interested in continuing the dialogue about the struggle against racism. Each noon session will be brief while providing an opportunity for networking and opportunities for taking action. Participants will become acquainted with one another and will engage in discussion centered on the topic of the day.

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