Moving Beyond Broadcast

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After having survived a 72 hour work week in preparation for our Berkman Center co-sponsored conference this weekend at Harvard Law School, Beyond Broadcast 2006 was a great success! Over 300 attendees from across the country and abroad were in attendance to discuss the future of participatory media beyond traditional broadcasting. The conference was made possible through an exciting collaboration of organizers and sponsors including:

I was honored to be part of such a great group of organizers, including Jake Shapiro, Steve Schultze, Susie Lindsay, Tim Halle, Shawn Van Every, Dan Gillmor, and Pat Aufderheide. It was a extraordinary opportunity to be among some wonderful people doing amazing work in the areas of participatory media, culture, and society.

During the two days (May 12 & 13), commerical, public, and community broadcasters rubbed shoulders bloggers, podcasters, and videobloggers to discuss and debate the role of public media in a digital media landscape. One where MySpace, YouTube, Ourmedia, and Internet Archive (to name a few) are changing the way people participate with media and communicate with one another in a global society.

A number of the conference organizers blogged the Day 1 sessions at the Beyond Broadcast blog:

* Pat Aufderheide blogged the opening keynote with Pete Boyle from Duke Law School on the policy and legal questions facing open media in a participatory culture.

* Center for Social Media’s Jessica Duda blogged Panel I, “What the Broadcasters are doing” (Check out the Center’s new website).

* Center for Social Media’s Barbara Abrash blogged Deborah Scranton’s “The War Tapes” High Order Bit.

For a full list of other sessions and high order bits blogged, visit Beyond Broadcast and follow the left column titled “Read” and follow the the link on the bottom to previous posts. I’ll have to spend some time here myself!

I spent most of my time during the conference (when not worried about the audio, video, and wi-fi not working) uploading some amazing interviews conducted by my co-worker Amanda Michel and Daniel Krawcyk of Digital Bicycle and POSM, during both days of the conference. Visit AudioBerkman to download the podcasts of their conversations with Nolan Bowie, John Lester, Jamie Biggar, Jay Dedman and others. Thank you Amanda and Daniel!

I did find some time to snap a few photos and capture part of Charlie Nesson’s closing remarks on Day 1.

Click here to watch the mini-video.

I join my fellow co-organizers in extending a huge thank you to all those who attended the conference and participated.

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