Watch the Video from Manhattan Neighborhood Network!

Watch the video.

From the MNN Community Media Video Blog:

"Your Community Cable Channels (Public, Educational, Governmental) are under threat by pending legislation in the House and Senate.

Community Access TV is a place to see and hear local viewpoints and diverse ideas and cultural expressions. This is where every person can express themselves through the making and airing of their own television show.

Nowadays commercial media interests sometimes argue that we don't need Communtiy Access TV anymore because there are lots of commercial channels to choose from. This is like arguing that because a town has a bookstore it no longer needs a public library. As the media becomes a bigger part of our lives the public needs more Community Access TV (and other forms of non-commercial publlic 'Greenspace' media – such as local low power radio, and publicly accessible Internet) not less of it!"

For more information about Public Access and how you can help us save it – please go to:

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