Ensure Access To Video Services For All!

(From Consumer's Union)

"Giant telephone companies want to offer new for-pay video services over high-speed Internet wires to compete with cable companies, potentially offering some consumers relief from skyrocketing cable bills. But rather than just take on the cable giants in the marketplace, the phone companies are asking Congress for special exemptions from existing policies that help communities protect their consumers.

Currently, local communities have the right to ensure that video service providers offer their video packages to all consumers in a community, rather than just the wealthiest. That helps ensure that middle- and low-income consumers get more choices and aren’t left on the wrong side of the digital divide. These protections are more important than ever given that cable TV prices are soaring and high-speed Internet has become critical to education, business opportunities and other fundamental daily needs.

But the big phone companies don’t want existing consumer protection policies to apply to them. And, at the same time phone companies claim they want to compete with cable, they’ve also opposed laws that would prohibit them from interfering with your access to web sites and services offered on the Internet that might compete with the phone company’s own video offerings."

Tell Congress
To bring cable price relief and competition to all consumers,
including those who need it most!

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