Jeff Manzelli Covers Boston Rally and Press Conference for CCTV’s “You Are Here”

Watch the video

Jeff Manzelli of Cambridge Community Television shot this video from the May 24 National Day of Out(R)age – BOSTON Rally and Press conference for "You Are Here".

"Community media awareness and activism organizations around the country declared a national "Day of Out(R)age" to build support for a group of media related issues, including preserving network neutrality, local control of local resources, and provisions in the Telecommunication Act that support Public Access stations. ACME Boston hosted the local media event at the statehouse. Freeman Z (Jeffrey Manzelli) covered the event for You Are Here.

Primary Camera (tripod shots) and (in broadcast version) title graphics are by Buz Owen who assembles the program." – You Are Here/Day of Outrage

Thanks to Jeff and the rest of the "You Are Here" crew at CCTV!

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