Ourmedia’s Digital Media Learning Center

Over at Ourmedia, there is a free digital media learning center with some great resources for citizen media folks interested in blogging, podcasting, videblogging, digital photography, and other new media production. Here's a list of some of the learning topics, from the site:


"How to create a videoblog. Editing video. Compression tips. How to shoot better video. Publish your movie. Resources."


"How to create a podcast. Editing and compressing audio. Podsafe music and audio clips. Where to find podcasts. Get listed in iTunes. Resources."


"How to screencast. How to create a digital story. Where to see digital stories. Oral histories: Telling the stories of families and communities."


"Digital photography tips. Your rights as a photographer in public places. How to publish your artwork online."


"How to write for the Web. How to start a blog. How to gain visibility on the Web"

Ourmedia also writes that you can volunteer to "contribute to this free, democratic knowledge database."

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