“Withering of the Net” with Lawrence Lessig

Just saw this event with Lawrence Lessig listed at Free Press, that's taking place in D.C. this Friday at 1pm. Wish he'd come to Boston and speak to folks here. If the Center for American Progress (the organization that's hosting the event) were smart they'd stream it live and make it available as a podcast afterwards, so more people could tune in. After all, this is about the Internet, what we have today, and what may not be here tomorrow. Here's the info:

The Withering of the Net: How D.C. pathologies are undermining the growth and wealth of the Net

Featured Speaker:
Lawrence Lessig, Professor, Stanford University

Introduction by:
Carl Malamud, Senior Fellow and Chief Technology Officer, Center for American Progress

"Contrary to urban myth, the Internet was not built by the U.S. government. Nor was it built by Google, Amazon, Microsoft, or Cisco. The Net was built by thousands of engineers from all over the world who cooperated across organizational, ideological, and national boundaries. Some were freelance consultants, some worked with the blessing of their employers, others simply did it and let their bosses know later."

Read on here.

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