Facing the Media Crisis: Media Education for Reform, Justice and Democracy

Attend the Media Education Conference of the Year –

October 6-8, 2006
Burlington, Vermont

Early Bird Registration Registration Ends July 14!

The Action Coalition for Media Education will gather media education experts, media reformers, public health advocates, interested citizens, and independent media producers at beautiful Burlington, Vermont’s Champlain College from October 6-8, 2006 (Columbus Day week-end) for our third continental media education Summit.

Founded in 2002 upon the principle that the above groups could work with and learn from each other to help solve today's media crisis, ACME National Summits already have attracted large groups to dynamic and exciting continental Summits in 2002 (Albuquerque, NM) and 2004 (San Francisco, CA).

ACME Board President Rob Williams writes, "In addition to GORGEOUS autumn foliage along the shores of the Lake Champlain, the Summit features FIFTY media-related workshops, and TWENTY plenary and keynote speakers, including 'Good Night and Good Luck' star David Strathairn, author Bill McKibben, journalist Amy Goodman, citizen activist Diane Wilson, U.S. Senate candidate Bernie Sanders, 'Killing Us Softly' speaker Jean Kilbourne, 'Net Neutrality' defender Jeff Chester, P.R. watchdog John Stauber, Prometheus Radio's Pete Tridesh, and a host of other exciting guests and events!"

ACME Summit 2006
Learn More and Register today!

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