FCC Debates Media Ownership Rules

The Nation's John Nichols writes about proposed rulemaking at the Federal Communications Commission involving the often heated debate over media ownership. While Net Neutrality and Public Access TV have recently taken center stage with current bills in Congress, the issue of Media Ownership remains another a key issue in the battle over U.S. communications policymaking. Nichols writes,

"At the top of the corporate wish list is the elimination of the 'cross-ownership' rule that prevents a single company from buying buy up all the daily and weekly newspapers, as many as three television stations, as many as eight radio stations, the cable system and primary internet sites in the same metropolitan area. This 'company town' scenario — known in FCC parlance as 'cross-ownership' — was agreed to by the commission three years ago, despite broad public opposition. Only when Congress and then the courts intervened did the scheme get tripped up."

Read the article here.

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